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Exhibiton of hats

Exhibition of hats

A unique exhibition which is dedicated to the technological process of hat
making can be found on the first floor of the Visitor Centre (hereinafter referred to only as NJVC). You will gradually be familiarised with the remarkable
process of hat making in an attractive and entertaining manner. Thanks to
the interactive features, you will experience an active tour during which you
will uncover the magic of hat production from the initially gained raw materials right through to the finally decorated product. You will also gain an
insight into the history of millinery and at the end can even play at being a
hat designer in a creative workshop.

Produciton process technology

In the first part of the exhibition, you will gradually become familiarised with
the technological process of hat making. You will see and be able to try for
yourself transformation of the material during the specific stages of pro[1]cessing. Authentic video clips from individual sections in the production plant
will draw you into the remarkable production process. Here, you will gain an
insight into the important milestones and events relating to the tradition of
millinery in the Nový Jičín region. Apart
from the historical panel, you can also
gain additional information from the
world of hats in the projection corner
where you can play a film of your choice.
The Bob and Bobek series of cartoons
awaits young children. The exhibition is
also supplemented by exhibits of production machinery.


The second part of the exhibition is devoted to hat design. Adults and chil[1]dren can try out their creativity and creative skills here. An interactive package
can be purchased here containing a shaped mini hat with decorations from
which you can create your own original souvenir. A children’s play area has
been prepared for young visitors to the
studio which now includes entertaining
puzzles. Workshops are also held in the
studio. Shaping of headwear and pre[1]ssing of mini hats will be demonstrated
to you here on working machines. You
can order a workshop at, by e-mail or by telephone.

Fitting room

The final part of the exhibition will de[1]light all those who like to dress up and

those who love hats. In the fitting room,
you will be able to try on more than 300
hats and choose the one which suits you
best. You can see for yourself that there
is a hat for every head in the 3D digital
fitting room. You can then send a photograph of you wearing hat by e-mail to
friends via the web cam programme.